Street Sense®
Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine Technology

Street Sense comes equipped with a set of robust algorithms that will mine your EMS data and identify your most vulnerable patients. Once your vulnerable population has been identified, Street Sense’s case management tools will help you to intervene and provide the necessary care for these individuals. Finally, Street Sense’s analytical tools will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your Mobile Integrated Healthcare program, both in terms of cost savings and improved patient well-being.

Key Features

  • Identify your most vulnerable patient with powerful customizable Sense algorithms.
  • Coordinate care with outside organizations to reduce unnecessary EMS transports.
  • Real-time alerts notify healthcare coordinators when there are actionable events.
  • Capture relevant patient encounter information to track patients' health over time.
  • Automatically evaluate effectiveness of interventions to maximize results & savings.
  • Integrates with NEMSIS compliant ePCRs to automatically create patient profiles from EMS encounters.
  • Optional integration with Street EMS® to provide real-time information exchange between crew & healthcare coordinators.
  • HTML5 web application works on all modern computers, mobile devices, and web browsers.
  • Our Self-managed data center provides greater control over reliability & security, resulting in no cyber breaches.

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