• NEMSIS 3 compliant seals
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World Advancement of Technology for EMS and Rescue (WaterOnScene) is dedicated to improving emergency medical services through our NEMSIS v3.5 compliant Street Suite of data collection technologies:

  • Street EMS®, our intuitive ePCR data collection tool
  • Street Fire RMS®, our comprehensive NFIRS v5.0 fire RMS data collection tool
  • Street Sense®, our proactive MIH & Community Paramedicine tool
  • As an employee-owned company founded by a firefighter/paramedic, we believe that our unique perspective on understanding the technological needs of the Fire and EMS industry empowers us to better serve our customers. Our intuitively designed user interfaces and powerful analytical tools will streamline data collection, enhance communication, increase billable revenue, and ultimately empower first responders to focus on saving lives.

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